Is Bouncie working?

Look for Lights! Quick, they go away fast!

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When the vehicle is first turned on, there are lights that will show for the first 5 seconds inside Bouncie. The colors are not important; just look for lights.

If you see lights, it's a confirmation that Bouncie is receiving power. If the device is not communicating as expected, it may need to be reset. Just like any electronic device, an occasional power cycle can restore operation to normal.

To reset Bouncie, simply unplug it while the vehicle is off and wait then 30-60 seconds before re-installing. Once reinstalled, the device will perform a series of updates and checks and then re-connect to GPS and the cell network. This process takes 5-10 minutes, and normal operation will likely resume the next time the vehicle is driven.

CAUTION ››› Do not repeatedly remove and reinstall. Like a computer or smartphone, bad things can happen if power is removed from a device while it is updating.

No lights? Very possibly a blown fuse.

How do fuses get blown? Fuses blow to protect your car. It's a good thing and nothing to worry about... they're just doing their job. The vehicle manual (or YouTube) should help you to locate the appropriate fuse.

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