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Explore Vehicle Management

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Fantastic Features

24/7 Vehicle Location

Bouncie updates each vehicle's location 24/7 allowing you see your vehicles; anytime, anywhere in the United States. 

Speed Bands

View driving speeds for any trip using our customizable color-coded speed bands.


Set important locations like your business, client offices, and job sites to get instant updates when vehicles make it to a delivery, or come back to the warehouse after a day on the road.


Business owners can set a wide range of customizable notifications for:

Vehicle Health

Bouncie constantly reads each vehicle’s engine data and will send alerts whenever problems are detected.

Multiple Logins

Our easy share feature connects your vehicles to every stakeholder; from owners to team managers.

Tamper Alerts

Get notified whenever a device is removed and reinstalled.

Internal Cell Connection

Our device has a built in cell data connection that sends vehicle data to our servers.

Glovebox Management

Check the renewal, inspection, and registration dates for all of your vehicles.

Vehicles Supported

Bouncie supports a wide range of vehicles from compact cars and limos, to medium duty trucks and utility vans. Tap HERE to see if your vehicle is supported.

Vehicle Management made easy for less than $7/month!



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