Installing Bouncie

Help with finding your OBD2 Port and plugging in the device.

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The first step to installing Bouncie is to download the Bouncie app (App Store | Google Play) and set up your account, starting with entering your vehicle's VIN. Then you will be ready to plug the Bouncie device into the OBD2 port of your vehicle.

Where is the OBD Port in my vehicle?

The On-Board Diagnostics (OBD2) port in your vehicle is usually located under the driver’s side dash near the steering column.

You can easily locate the exact position of the OBD2 port using our compatibility checker. This will ensure that your device is easy to find and install. Click the button below and scroll down the page.

How does Bouncie plug in?

The device has the same shape as any other device that is designed to be plugged into the OBD2 port, so insertion is effortless. Simply push the device firmly into the OBD2 port and its ready to begin reading data about your driving trips.

Professional installation is not necessary and installation is quick and easy.

The device doesn't seem to fit my port?

The Bouncie device is designed to plug into an OBD2 port. However, the OBD2 port was introduced for passenger vehicles in 1996, so older vehicles may not have the correct port. Some commercial vehicles have a port called the SAE J1939, which is a different shape than the OBD2 Port. Tap the button below to learn about alternative options.

Bouncie is installed, but the panel won't close?

If you are having difficulty closing a cover once Bouncie is installed, we can help! Start a conversation with us while you are logged into the mobile app. Tap the top left corner and select Need Help. From there a Bouncie expert can assist!

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