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Let's get Bouncie working!
Let's get Bouncie working!

We know this problem can be resolved!

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First, we sincerely apologize that you are experiencing an issue getting Bouncie to start working! Good news! We know this problem can be resolved!

There are two possible reasons your device has not yet started working.

  1. [Most likely] The device is not receiving power on the OBD port. Let's Check

  2. [Less likely] Your device is faulty, and we need to ship a warranty exchange.

Occasionally the fuse that protects the OBD port can be blown. We can work through a few simple steps to determine if the device is receiving power. Let's Check

Although very unlikely, there is always a small chance that your device is malfunctioning. If needed, we will ship a warranty exchange to you right away!

Still not seeing anything in the app?

If you do not see any updates in the app after confirming your OBD port is providing power to Bouncie and performing a device reboot, we will ship you a replacement immediately!

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