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Is Bouncie Getting Power?
Is Bouncie Getting Power?

Let’s verify your OBD port is providing power to Bouncie.

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For a few seconds after you start your vehicle, lights are visible inside Bouncie.

The colors are not important; just look for lights.

Having trouble seeing your device?
We recommend using your phone's camera if you find it difficult to see the device. By placing your phone's camera below the area where Bouncie is installed, you should be able to watch for lights when you start your vehicle.

👍 If you see lights, it confirms that Bouncie is receiving power. If the device is not communicating as expected, it may need to be rebooted.

Here is a link to the Device Reboot instructions.

👎 No lights? Very possibly a blown fuse.

How do fuses get blown? Fuses are designed to protect your car, and a blown fuse is a good thing and nothing to worry about... they're just doing their job.

Your vehicle manual (or YouTube) should help you to locate the appropriate fuse.

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