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Navigating the Bouncie Mobile App
Navigating the Bouncie Mobile App

The Bouncie app provides a simple way to view the data the Bouncie device collects from your vehicle.

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Bouncie is a vehicle tracking and monitoring solution that records driving data every second. With Bouncie, you can view the driving progress of your vehicle in real-time, anywhere, anytime.

Expanding the following sections will give you an overview of the Bouncie app, what data it provides, and how to set up certain notifications.

Vehicle Card and Device Insights

When you initially open the Bouncie app, there are items that you can quickly view as a snapshot of vehicle and device health in the vehicle card, located at the bottom of the screen.

  • If your vehicle reports the fuel level through the OBD2 port, you will be able to see the vehicle's fuel level.

  • The battery icon will indicate if the vehicle's battery is in a good state.

  • The engine icon will alert you to any codes being reported through the OBD2 port.

  • The device icon reflects how the Bouncie device is functioning, and you can see when the device last had a health check by tapping on the icon.


By tapping in the upper left, you can:

  • Edit your profile

  • Receive chat support, provide feedback and comments, and review articles, tips, and tutorials

  • View device information and change your payment method

  • Adjust vehicle and app settings

  • Rate the app, review the privacy policy, review the terms of service, and view your app's version number

Vehicle Selector

By tapping in the upper right, you'll be able to view a list of the vehicles associated with your account. Tapping on a vehicle from here will change the map to show the vehicle's location. You can also tap to see all your vehicles on the map.

Map View

Tapping on below the Vehicle Selector allows you to switch your map view to road, satellite, or a combination of the two. You can adjust map options for showing your phone's location on the map and showing a speed legend. At this time, only a portrait view of the map is available (landscape is not).

You can also visit this area to toggle showing your phone's location and showing the speed legend off and on.

Phone Location

Tapping on shows where your phone is relative to your vehicle's location. This is helpful if you are searching for your parked vehicle. You'll be shown the path to get to your vehicle and a button will appear. Tapping on Directions to Vehicle gives you several options, including opening the path in a different app, and scheduling a car service to take you to your vehicle. Keep in mind that phone location is only visible to the user that is holding the phone. Other users cannot see your phone's location.

Vehicle Details

To open vehicle details, tap the vehicle's name.

  • Under the Details tab, you can edit the odometer reading and vehicle information by tapping Edit in the right corner.

    • Bouncie will ask you to periodically check your odometer reading since mileage is not reported through the OBD2 port. If you see next to your odometer number, ensure the correct mileage is entered.

  • Under the Renewals tab, you can set renewal reminders for registration, inspection, and more.

  • Under the Insurance tab, you can add your insurance info to keep it at your fingertips.

  • Personalize your vehicle's logo by adding a picture of your vehicle, or try our customizable feature to create your own emblem.

Real-Time Location

When you open the Bouncie app, the map will automatically update to show the latest location of your vehicle. The location of your vehicle is updated second by second, providing real-time information on your vehicle's location and movements.

Edit your map view by clicking the stacked view icon located in the top right of the screen. There you can choose between three views: road, satellite, and hybrid.

The map is interactive. You can tap on it to zoom in and out, which makes finding your vehicle easy!

Trip Details

The Trip Details provides data on a per-trip basis, allowing you to see the data from any given trip. To find your Trip Details, tap on Trips in the lower left of the app, find the trip in question, and tap on the trip itself.


  • Distance are the number of miles the vehicle traveled during the trip.

  • Time is the time spent on the trip, from when the vehicle is started to when its turned off.

  • Idle is the length of time that the vehicle was turned on during the trip but not in motion.

  • Efficiency a percentage equal to the amount of time that the vehicle spent driving vs. idling.


  • Max Speed shows the maximum miles per hour recorded during the trip.

  • Average Moving Speed shows the average speed your vehicle traveled at during the trip.

  • Average Overall Speed shows an average of the speed for the entire trip.


  • Fuel Used shows the amount of fuel used during the trip in gallons.

  • Fuel Efficiency divides the number of miles traveled during the trip by the amount of fuel used.


  • Rapid Acceleration is an 8 mile per hour increase within 1 second or less. You'll see the total number of these events for the trip.

  • Hard Braking is an 8 mile per hour decrease within 1 second or less. You'll see the total number of these events for the trip.

  • Idle is calculated based on your vehicle being motionless for 5 minutes or more and the number listed is the number of idling events recorded for that trip.

Vehicle Care

By tapping on Care from the vehicle card, you can set alerts for any routine maintenance, such as oil changes, tire rotations, windshield wiper blade replacements, fluid checks, and more.


Bouncie provides alerts for driving events such as geo-zones, curfews, speeding, hard braking, rapid acceleration, and more. The app will send a notification immediately if an alert is triggered. Driving events will also be collected and reported at the end of a trip.

The Notifications area of the app will show you all of the notifications you receive about your drive, vehicle, and care. Tap Settings located on the bottom right of the Notifications page to further personalize your notifications.

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