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Bouncie • It's App-tastic!
Bouncie • It's App-tastic!

Experience the possibilities.

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The Bouncie app provides a simple way to view the information the Bouncie device collects from your vehicle. Let's get to know your Bouncie app by taking a closer look at all the features and functionality.


To open more vehicle details, tap the vehicle name.

Personalize the icon by adding a picture of your vehicle or try our customizable feature to create your Carvatar emblem!

  • Easily edit the odometer reading and setup vehicle information under details.

  • Conveniently set up renewal reminders for registration, inspection, and more.

  • Go paperless and store insurance information safely at your fingertips.

  • Have some fun and customize the color of your background and emblem.


Simply edit your map settings by clicking the stackable icon located in the top right on the screen. Here you can choose between three views, road, satellite, and hybrid.

This map is interactive and live! You can tap on it to zoom in and out of the location, making finding your vehicle simple and smooth!

  • To view the trip timeline, select Trips on the bottom left of the vehicle card.

  • Trips are ordered by date. Tap the date to expand and see individual trips.

  • Trip details can be viewed by tapping the ellipsis [•••].

    Stats within trip details show total distance, travel, idle time and more!


This area will show you all of the notifications you receive about your drive, vehicle, and care. Tap the settings icon located on the bottom right of the page to further personalize your notifications.


Check device status and health by tapping the device icon located on the vehicle card.

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