We have partnered with Happy Returns, so sending your old 3G device to us is crazy simple! With just a QR code, you can drop off your old device at any FedEx Office or 1000's of other Return Bar locations across the country.

When you drop off the old device, we will apply the appropriate credit to your account right away!

Once we receive the old device, we will ensure all data is cleared and dispose of the device sustainably.

Starting your return!

Once you link your new device to your account [https://bouncie.com/link], you can initiate your Happy Return at the bottom of the page.


There are no Happy Returns near me. What should I do?

We will provide a free FedEx return label that you can use!

When initiating the Happy Return, select 'Purchase your own label', [Don't worry, you won't need to purchase anything!], then chat with us, and we can provide the FedEx label to you.

Where is the nearest Happy Returns Location?

You can use the following link to locate the closest Happy Returns Bar:

I started my return. What next?

After the Happy Return setup, the screen will display your Express Code and a QR Code. You can use either at the Return Bar.

You will also receive an email from Happy Returns with this information.

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