Why did the price of the Bouncie device change?

Sadly, the price of semiconductors has risen substantially. Demand is unprecedented, and supply has never been this tight. Some companies are willing to pay extreme premiums to obtain the necessary semiconductor for their products, and as a result, the price all companies pay has risen significantly.

Read more about the semiconductor shortage here.

Our supply chain team has worked extremely hard to ensure price stability. Unfortunately, we are forced to increase the price of the Bouncie device. We have always priced the Bouncie device as low as possible and, we are glad the price of Bouncie has not needed to change over the last four years.

Much of the technology contained within the device is comparable to the technology in cell phones of a few years ago (excluding the screen, of course!) GPS positioning, 3-Axis Accelerator, device memory, data processors, and cellular communication capabilities. We all know how expensive our cell phones have always been, and we are proud that Bouncie delivers so much value in such a small, durable, and reliable device.

Is the monthly charge changing?


The monthly charge for the Bounce data subscription is not changing, and we never charge to activate your service! Plus, there have never been additional fees for quicker GPS location refresh rates, live map updates, accident notification, or ANY feature on our platform!

We will continue to work tirelessly to deliver tremendous value throughout your experience with Bouncie. We promise!

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