What does this mean for Bouncie?

Semiconductors are an essential component of electronic devices, enabling advances in communications.

Due to the Pandemic, more Semiconductors have been requested and used in various electronics. (computer, vehicles, cell phones, etc.)

Bouncie requires a Semiconductor, and due to the shortage, it is limiting our inventory. We are still receiving shipments of devices periodically! However, we expect shipping delays to last until November.

I need a device; what should I do?

We are still taking orders! By placing your order today, you will be assured of access to new inventory as soon as possible.

Is the price for Bouncie going to change?

Sadly, yes.

Read more about the price increase for the Bouncie device here.

Our supply chain team is working extremely hard to ensure price stability, and know we are working hard to keep the price of Bouncie low and the value of our platform high!

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