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Understanding your devices signal strength and RSSI (dBm).

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How is cellular strength measured?

The device's cellular strength (RSSI) is measured in dBm, an indication of how strong the device's cellular signal waves are when received by the device. This measure goes from -120 to 0, with -120 being the worst.

What is the recommended signal strength?

We generally recommend dBm between -50 and -90 in order to ensure the best recording experience. Greater than -90 is acceptable but may result in slower data uploads. Anything below -110 dBm will result in no data being uploaded until the signal is restored.

How reliable is this measurement?

There is no perfect measurement of cellular strength. We’ve found that sometimes customers who have strength measurements below our recommendations have perfectly fine data uploads, while other customers who have strength measurements above our recommendations have slower data uploads.

While the vehicle is being driven, the signal will most likely improve and updates will begin. While the vehicle is parked, updates will not occur in order to protect the vehicle's battery. When that happens the device will resume normal operations when the vehicle is driven again.

What causes a weak signal strength?

The device's signal strength is the quality of the communication between your device and the cell towers. Think of cellular signal strength as to how well two people can hear each other talking. Some causes of weak signal strength are:

  • The device is hidden in a compartment with an extension.

  • A rural area with a low cellular signal

  • Too much metal surrounding the device.

What should I look out for that indicates a weak signal?

If your app has a message stating "Updates have stopped" that's an indicator of a weak signal. The app may also give you a "Lost Connection" error that could indicate that signal strength is low.

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