Accident Detection

Receive a notification when a collision is detected.

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How does Accident Detection work?

Bouncie uses internal sensors and software to detect a crash based on the impact and sudden changes in vehicle speed. Once detected, Bouncie will notify you and send an SMS text message to any contacts you specify.

How to Enable Accident Detection

Select Notification Settings from the Options Menu [•••], then choose Impact Detection.

Create a notification
  1. Toggle the Impact Detection & Notification switch on if it is not on already.

  2. Tap on SMS alerts to enter phone numbers for the people you want to receive SMS text alerts in the event of a possible collision.

  3. Tap on the Add Recipient button to add your first contact.

  4. Enter the required information, select the desired vehicles, and tap on Add in the top right.

  5. To add additional recipients, tap on the + button on the top right corner and repeat this process.

Who will receive Accident Detection alerts?

Anyone you specify when you set up the notifications. You would be alerted in the app by a push notification and anyone else you choose would receive an SMS text message if an accident is detected. A link to view more information about the incident as well as the current vehicle location will be sent in the SMS message.

What information would be received?

You would receive the moving speed before the accident as well as the direction of travel. A map will be provided so you will see the location of the accident, as well as details related to the vehicle impact detected.

Does Bouncie contact emergency services?

Bouncie will not contact emergency services since not all accidents require it.

Bouncie will provide you the option to dial 911 if emergency services are needed.

Why did I receive a notification my vehicle was in an accident when it was not?

The sensors that are used to determine an accident can be triggered by non-motor vehicle incidents. Some of these events can include hard closing of doors, the trunk, cargo areas, and engine hood, or by connecting or pulling trailers, and loose or shifting cargo.

The vehicle was in an accident and Bouncie did not notify us. Why?

The impact force as well as vehicle speed may not have been strong enough to register as an accident. In rare cases, Bouncie may become dislodged by the force of the impact causing damage or loss of power to the device.


Impact Detection and Notification may be unavailable in certain instances, such as when the Bouncie device is damaged or dislodged, or when cellular or other signals are unavailable or intermittent. If the Adapter experiences a loss of wireless service, then no data can be transmitted. Please refer to the Terms of Service for more information.

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