There are a few steps that we can take to make sure that your device is functioning properly.

First, let's make sure the device is fully intact. There are two rows of metal pins in the device that plug into the port. Take a look at the pins and make sure that none of the pins are bent.

Once you have confirmed all of the pins are straight, let's plug the device in! 

Next, let's turn the vehicle on. When the vehicle is first turned on there will be a light that shows for the first five seconds. 

If there are no lights, it is likely that the fuse connected to the port is blown.

This happens to some vehicles, and you wouldn't notice until you plugged a device into the port.

Our recommendation is to plug the device into another vehicle and see if there are any lights glowing on the device, when the vehicle is first turned on. This will help determine if the fuse needs to be changed in the original vehicle. 


If you have any questions simply chat with us from within the app. 

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