No lights?

Are there no lights visible on the device?

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The device has lights on the opposite end of where it plugs into the OBD port. Sometimes it can be difficult to see the lights since it will only show for the first few seconds after the vehicle is turned on. The best way to know if the device is receiving power is to drive the vehicle! After ten minutes of driving, you should see data in the app!

If you have driven the vehicle and do not see any data, there are a few steps you can take.

Turn the vehicle off and check for lights. The lights will only show on the device for a few seconds after the vehicle is first started.

If lights are visible, let’s try resetting the device. While the vehicle is off, remove Bouncie. After 2-3 minutes, reinstall Bouncie. That should reset everything after the next drive.

If no lights are glowing inside the device when the vehicle is running then most likely the fuse on the OBD port has blown. This happens to some vehicles, and you wouldn't notice until you plugged a device into the port.

Our recommendation is to plug the device into another vehicle and check for lights. This will help determine if the fuse needs to be changed in the original vehicle. If there are no lights when plugging it into multiple vehicles please let us know!

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