Keeping an eye on your vehicle's fuel level can be beneficial in many ways. It can help you monitor your fuel consumption and avoid unexpected trips to the gas station. Bouncie makes it easy to set fuel level notifications so you are always aware of your vehicle's fuel status.

Here's how you can set fuel level notifications in Bouncie:

  1. Open the Bouncie app

  2. Navigate to Notifications Settings

  3. Click on Fuel Level

  4. Toggle the alert ON by tapping on the switch

  5. Use the slider to set the fuel level where you want notifications to begin

  6. Save your changes by tapping on "Save"

Once you have set your desired fuel level, Bouncie will notify you each time the fuel level drops 5% below the level you have set. This helps you keep track of your vehicle's fuel consumption and make informed decisions about your driving habits.

*Fuel level reporting is available on most (but not all) vehicles.

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