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IMEI Troubleshooting
IMEI Troubleshooting

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity.

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IMEI numbers are assigned to electronic devices as a way of assigning an identity to the device, kind of like giving the device a phone number. Bouncie devices are assigned an IMEI number too and you'll need the number when installing the device.

Where is the IMEI?

The IMEI can be found on the white label on the back of the device. During setup, you can either scan the white label or you can manually type in the IMEI. We recommend scanning the label to ensure the number is entered correctly.

IMEI Not Recognized

If you are installing your Bouncie device and see an "IMEI Not Recognized" message in the app, here are some things you can do.

  1. Make sure you are using the IMEI number that is listed on the back of your Bouncie device.

  2. The best way to enter the IMEI is by scanning the white label on the back of Bouncie.

  3. When manually entering the number, make sure you are entering the last six digits, and entering them in the correct order.

If you have tried entering the number and are still having issues, take a picture of the white label on the back of the Bouncie device, open your app and tap on in the upper left, tap on Need Help to start a conversation with us.

Can I change the IMEI once its entered?

Yes! In the Bouncie app, tap the [•••] on the vehicle card and then tap Vehicle Details. Next to the Vehicle Details header, tap on Edit. Tap on the IMEI number and the app will ask you to scan the back of the Bouncie Device.

How do I cancel the subscription for a linked IMEI device?

Tap the button below for instructions on how to cancel the subscription for a Bouncie device.

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