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Bouncie's Calibration Period
Bouncie's Calibration Period

Initially Bouncie needs time to "wake up" and connect.

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When you first install Bouncie, it needs a few driving trips (start-stop cycles) to calibrate.

Bouncie has a chip inside of it that records data from your vehicle. At first, the chip doesn't know its orientation inside of your vehicle. Some OBD2 Ports are horizontal, some are vertical, some lie flat, and some point down towards the floor board. 

After a few driving trips, Bouncie is able to determine its orientation in your vehicle, it begins transmitting data to our servers, and then we feed that data to your app.

We recommend taking at least one trip lasting for 15 minutes so the device can activate. Turning your vehicle off and on does not affect the calibration of your device.

What if I don't see data after taking a few driving trips?

If you have driven a few times and still don't see any data in the Bouncie app, there are some troubleshooting steps you can take before contacting us.

Check your Connection

Make sure the device firmly and securely plugged into your OBD2 port. If you are using an extension or splitter, tap the button below for some additional tips.

Check for Lights

When the vehicle is first turned on, there are lights that will show for the first five seconds inside Bouncie. The colors are not important; just look for lights. If you see blinking lights, that's a confirmation that Bouncie is receiving power. Tap the button below if you don't see lights.

Check your IMEI Number

Grab your device and find the IMEI number. It's on a white label on the back of the device. Then, in the app, tap the vehicles name and look for the IMEI number under Details at the bottom. Do they match? Tap the button below if they don't.

If you need help, start a conversation with us while you are logged into the mobile app. Tap the top left corner and select Need Help. From there a Bouncie expert can assist!

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