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Oops! Bouncie had one job; record and report driving.

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If you have parked your vehicle but your trip is not updating or the app doesn't seem to be working, there are a few steps you can take. First, log out of the Bouncie app and then log back in.

If it does not update, there may be another explanation. Once the vehicle is parked and turned off, an end-of-trip event signal should have been sent to our servers.

REASON #1 • New Installation

If you've just installed Bouncie in your vehicle, it could take a few driving events before you can view data in the app. You may be wondering why.

There is a chip inside of Bouncie which works like a cell phone. This cell-chip is what picks up a cell tower signal as you drive. It uses that signal to relay information to our servers so that we can save your vehicle's data into your account.

The cell-chip card is essentially "asleep" when you install Bouncie into your OBD port. It needs power and movement in order for it to "wake up". Once a few driving events occur while Bouncie is plugged in, you should be seeing data in the app!

REASON #2 • Cell Coverage 

Delayed, missing, or incomplete trips is a most likely result of cell signal issues.

"Can you hear me now?"  "I don't know what happened; it just went dead." 

Just like the challenges we experience making voice calls on a cell phone; Bouncie has similar challenges with sending data.

Inside Bouncie is a micro-cellular communication chip and an antenna smaller than a postage stamp. It's crazy SMALL! 

Bouncie is installed under the dash near large metal objects with wire harnesses as thick as a roll-of-coins nearby. It's easy to see why Bouncie can struggle to "complete the call."

Don't worry, Bouncie internally stores any data in the event there are cell coverage issues and will transfer the data as soon as coverage improves.

Normally the delay is no more than 10-20 Minutes.  

Occasionally, Bouncie will have cell signal issues at the end of a trip when the vehicle is turned off. In this situation, Bouncie makes three attempts to report the data. Then Bouncie goes to sleep in order to protect the vehicles battery. As soon as the next trip begins, Bouncie starts working again.

REASON #3 • Disconnected Device

The Bouncie device will communicate to the app and let you know if it has been unplugged and then reinstalled.

After the device is reinstalled, a notification is sent telling you the date and time the device was tampered with and also the date and time that it was re-installed.

It's important to note that the alert is sent when the device is reinstalled and not when its initially removed. The device can not communicate to our servers if there is not a power source.

To see these alerts any time, tap on the Blue Header at the top of the app, then tap on the picture of the Vehicle. From there you can select 'View History' in the header and see events which are not related to driving habits.

REASON #4 • Blown Fuse

Blown fuse... it happens!  Bouncie needs POWER!

When the vehicle is first turned on, there are lights that will show for the first 5 seconds inside Bouncie. The colors are not important, just look for lights.

No lights? Probably a blown fuse.

How do fuses get blown? Fuses blow to protect your car.  It's good thing and nothing to worry about... they're just doing their job.

REASON #5 • RIP Bouncie

Bouncie died...

If you think Bouncie has stopped working. We can help! 

Email or chat anytime... just reach out!


Missing trips for more than 20-Minutes? PLEASE let us know!!

If it's less than 20 minutes, we probably can't do too much... sorry.

Click here to send us an email and we can begin researching your account to determine what issues may be occurring.  Provide us with as much detail as possible. WE LOVE DETAILS... help us help you!

During normal business hours we will get back to you within 2 hours. Nights and weekends can take longer.

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