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Exporting Trip Data
Exporting Trip Data

There are a few steps to take to pull your trip data into a spreadsheet.

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One of the main reasons why you may want to export your trip data is if you are a business owner that needs to claim your miles driven, or maybe your vehicle is used for a work purpose and having exported trip data will help you get reimbursements.

Whatever your need is, you can easily export your trip data into a spreadsheet using the browser version of Bouncie. Data is never deleted from our systems by us so you can report back as far as you need to, including back to the day that Bouncie was installed in your vehicle.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. From a computer, log into the browser version of Bouncie using the browser of your choice.

  2. Once logged in click your profile in the top right.

  3. From the drop down, click on "Export & Import Data".

  4. Adjust the period and date range, and select the vehicles and options to be included in the report. (You must have at least one vehicle selected for the Export button to become active.)

  5. Click on the Export button from the right side.

  6. A CSV file will download to your computer.

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