If you are locked out of your account or you need to change your password, you can learn how to do this by tapping HERE.

You will need to use the email address you entered when you purchased your Bouncie device. The device is linked to that email address and an account is created for you when you make your purchase.

If you have associated your vehicle with an email address other than the one you entered when you made your purchase, you will need to remove the vehicle from the second account and add it to the one that was created for you. You can learn how to remove a vehicle from an account by tapping HERE.

Once you are logged in successfully, if you are having trouble viewing your vehicle, it may be because the vehicle is associated with a different account. Learn how to share access to a vehicle by tapping HERE

Also, if you see an error about the VIN already being registered, you can learn how to get around that by tapping HERE.

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