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Moving Bouncie Between Vehicles
Moving Bouncie Between Vehicles

Easy! But on older vehicles, there's a trick to it!

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You can move the Bouncie device from one vehicle to another, but there are a few things you should know ahead of time.

Bouncie uses your vehicle's VIN to accurately link driving and location data to your app. Vehicles that are 2006 and newer will automatically tell Bouncie it's VIN. 

You can easily switch Bouncie between vehicles when each vehicle is 2006 or newer. Just add the vehicles in your Bouncie app and move the device anytime!

But what if your vehicle is older than 2006? There's a trick!

On vehicles older than 2006, the VIN is not reported through the OBD port, and our system needs a few numbers from the back of Bouncie.

When you add your vehicle to the app, it will determine automatically if we need these numbers and ask you for them.  Once the new vehicle is assigned to the device, you are good to go! 

Keep in mind each time Bouncie is installed in a different vehicle, the first trip you take may not be visible in the app. The device needs to complete an initialization and calibration process before it will transmit data.

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