If you have a Google Assistant-enabled device or app (such as Google Home, Google Assistant, etc.), Bouncie for Google is available to you! This integration makes it easy for you to connect with your vehicles using simple voice commands.

To get started, you will need:

  • the Google Assistant app

  • a Google account

  • a Bouncie account

  • the Bouncie adapter plugged into your vehicle(s)

To use Google Assistant with Bouncie, simply open the Google Assistant app and type "talk to Bouncie". Google Assistant will respond and give you the option to link Bouncie to Google. You will tap on the link, log into your Bouncie account, and you're all set!

By linking your Bouncie and Google accounts, you can instantly find out about fuel level, battery status, and vehicle maintenance, as well as keep tabs on mileage, driving habits, and trip history.

Asking Google is easy. Just begin your request with "Okay Google, ask Bouncie..." such as:

  • "Okay Google, ask Bouncie, where’s my car?"

  • "Okay Google, ask Bouncie, do I need to get gas?"

  • "Okay Google, ask Bouncie, how many miles did I drive this month?"

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