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Light, Moderate, and Excessive Settings
Light, Moderate, and Excessive Settings

What does it really mean?

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Certain driving alerts like hard braking and rapid acceleration can be set to light, moderate, or excessive. You may be curious what these mean and how we determine the criteria for each level. 

Fundamentally these events are measures of a speed change over a period of time. All of these are recorded and displayed on completed trips and the light, moderate and excessive settings just determine whether you will get an alert on your device. 

How do we define Hard Braking and Rapid Acceleration:

  • An 8 MPH decrease within 1 second or less will be identified as a Hard Braking Event. 

  • An 8 MPH increase within 1 second or less will be identified as Rapid Acceleration Event.

Then we divide the number of events by the length of your trip, which provides a measure of what would be considered light, moderate, or excessive. 

How do we determine whether an alert is triggered

  • 3 events during a 20 mile trip would trigger for Light

  • 5 events during a 100 mile trip would not trigger for Light

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