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Vehicle Health and Diagnostics
Vehicle Health and Diagnostics

Stay informed about the health of your vehicle.

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Bouncie continually monitors your vehicle’s diagnostics and alerts you when something needs your attention. With just a tap, you can view your battery health, engine health, and your fuel level.

Decode the Codes

Vehicle warning codes are how your vehicle communicates with you when something goes wrong. Some warning codes are displayed as an overall indicator that there is an error or failure, such as a "Check Engine" light, meaning there are multiple reasons why it can come on.

If a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is reported by your vehicle, Bouncie will send you a notification. Tap the engine icon for a more detailed description of the diagnostic code. Bouncie will explain the code and empower you to make the best-informed decision to solve the issue.

Engine Code Alerts, DTC, Diagnostic Trouble codes

Even though Bouncie will alert you to diagnostic codes, Bouncie cannot clear the codes from the vehicle.

Once the issue is fixed, the vehicle will stop sending the code to Bouncie, and after a few trips it will clear itself from the app.

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