Do you experience a feeling of dread when your vehicle's Check Engine light comes on? That mysterious warning light could mean a variety of things, from something like an O2 sensor to a loose gas cap. 

Bouncie takes the mystery out of your vehicle's warning lights and it's general health. If your vehicle gives you a warning, just open your app and click on the top middle icon (there will be a red ring around it). You will see an alert along with a diagnostic code. When you tap on the code, Bouncie will give you a brief description of the diagnostic code. 

Bouncie will de-code and identify engine and error codes but it does not provide the functionality to reset or clear the codes.

If your vehicle's health is normal, there will be a green ring around the picture of your vehicle that indicates that everything is running smoothly.

If you want for Bouncie to remind you when maintenance needs to be performed on your car, you can learn how to set up maintenance reminders by tapping HERE.

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