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Trip Fuel Economy Notifications
Trip Fuel Economy Notifications

You can set alerts to notify you of your fuel economy levels.

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When you set a Trip Fuel Economy range in the Bouncie app, you can be alerted when your vehicle's fuel economy falls outside of the range. This can be helpful for drivers who want to be conscious of how much gas their vehicle is consuming. Note that this feature is only available if your vehicle reports the fuel economy through your OBD2 port and to the Bouncie device.

Creating Trip Fuel Economy Notifications

Tap on Notification Settings from the Options Menu [•••], then scroll down and tap on Trip Fuel Economy.

​Note: Fuel consumption reporting is available on most (but not all) vehicles.

There are actions that you can take as a conscientious consumer to lessen your fuel consumption, including avoiding rapid acceleration and hard braking events. If you would like to monitor these items using Bouncie, tap the associated button below to learn more.

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