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Hard Braking Notifications
Hard Braking Notifications

Receive an alert when a driver brakes excessively, moderately, or lightly.

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Creating Hard Braking Notifications

Select Notification Settings from the Options Menu [•••], then choose Hard Braking to set up alerts for braking occurrences.



  • Hard Braking › 8 MPH decrease within 1 second or less


  • Light › This setting is the least sensitive and will trigger alerts for events that occur relatively infrequently during a trip.

  • Moderate › The moderate setting is a balanced option that sends alerts for events occurring at a medium frequency during a trip.

  • Excessive › This setting is the most sensitive and will generate alerts for events that occur frequently during a trip.

(These measures are relative to the number of recorded events in relationship to the distance of a trip.)

Want to learn more about how we calculate light, moderate, and excessive? Tap the button below.

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