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Curfew Notifications

Keep track of when your vehicle should not be on the road.

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With curfew notifications, the Bouncie app will alert you when your vehicle is driven within the designated hours you set. There are many uses for this type of alert including tracking a child's or senior driver's car, tracking a business vehicle, and managing a fleet of vehicles.

Creating Curfew Notifications

To create a curfew alert, select Notification Settings from the Options Menu [•••], then choose Curfew.

  1. Tap on the Create Curfew button.

  2. Give the curfew alert a name.

  3. Tap on the days of the week that you want the alert to be active.

  4. Set a start time for the curfew to start and an end time for it to end.

  5. Tap Save in the top right corner.

Now, you'll receive a notification every time your vehicle is driven within these curfew hours.

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