The Bouncie app provides a simple way to view the information the Bouncie device collects from your vehicle. Let's get to know your Bouncie app by taking a closer look at its features and functionality.


Tapping on the icon located in the middle of the top of the app will open more information about your vehicle.  You can personalize this icon by adding a picture of your vehicle. 

  • Quickly view how much fuel you have and how your battery level is doing.

  • Tapping on the icon again will allow you to edit the odometer reading as well as other vehicle setup information

  • Receive diagnostic information and insight into any vehicle health issues.

  • Set up renewals, such as inspection and registration renewal deadlines.

  • Enter your insurance information so it's available at your fingertips.

  • Access Roadside Assistance quickly and easily. 

The first thing you might notice when you are navigating the Drive area is a map of where your vehicle is located. This map is interactive and live! You can tap on it to zoom in and out of the location to make it simple to find your vehicle.

  • Trips: Your trips are sorted by date. Tap on the circle and expand the trips and see them individually.

  • Stats: Your trips are combined to show total distance, travel time, and idle time. You can also see your fuel usage, your speed averages, and driving habits.

  • The Settings Icon: Use this area to set up your alerts and notifications.

This area will show you all of the alerts and notifications you receive about your vehicle in a list format. You will also see the Settings Icon where you can go to set up your alerts and notifications. 

Entering your vehicles care information here will allow the app to notify you when it's time to perform some routine care. Using the "+" icon, you can add events such as oil changes, tire rotations, and any manufacturer's suggested maintenance for your vehicle. 

Tapping on the vehicle icon will allow you to add more vehicles to your "garage" which helps you track other Bouncie devices in your household. 

Tapping on the navigation stack allows you to manage your account, contact our support team, view our privacy policy and terms of service. If you need support, we are available 24/7! You can also log out of the app here.

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