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Pause or Cancel Subscription
Pause or Cancel Subscription

Follow these steps to cancel your monthly service subscription. ​

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Before deciding to cancel your Bouncie service, we would love the opportunity to help with any issues you may be experiencing. We can usually resolve any problem you may be encountering. Start a conversation with us when you are logged into the mobile app. Tap the top left corner and select Need Help.

If you want to pause your service, you would deactivate the service by taking the steps below, and then log in to reactivate it when you are ready.

To cancel your subscription, tap the Cancel Device button below.

From the Devices section, choose which device you would like to cancel. We will cancel your subscription at the end of your billing period for each device you cancel.

Note: After canceling your subscription, your vehicle's data will still be available in the app unless you delete it manually. However, without a subscription, new data will not be collected for the vehicle.

Remember you can reactivate at any time with no fees!

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