Lost Connection?
Bouncie didn't check in as expected.
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While parked, Bouncie checks in with our system every few hours to report its operational status, cell-network signal detail and update its location.

Sometimes, periodic check-ins don't happen as expected, but generally, there is no reason for concern.

When the vehicle is parked, Bouncie enters into a low-power mode where it monitors the health of the vehicle's battery and periodically checks in with our system to report its operational status, cell-network signal detail, and update the location.

If Bouncie is unable to connect to the cell network, then we won't receive any updates. Parking structures (including some residential garages) often interfere with Bouncie's ability to connect properly.

Inside Bouncie is a micro-cellular communication chip and an antenna smaller than a postage stamp. It's crazy SMALL!

Vehicles are rarely driven indoors, and in normal operations, Bouncie benefits from open skies and very few overhead obstructions. While smartphones regularly need to connect within buildings, Bouncie doesn't.

If there is a cell connection issue, Bouncie will make a few attempts to check in and then stop trying in order to protect the vehicle battery while parked.

Most of the time, Bouncie will re-establish cellular communication the next time the vehicle is driven.

Unfortunately, if the device cannot check in with our system, we have no way to determine what may be causing the issue. A physical inspection may be necessary to ensure the device is installed and receiving power. How to verify Bouncie is working?

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