Think of a Geo-Circle as circular zone surrounding a location, like a target. You can set up Geo-Circles to send you an alert when a vehicle goes inside and/or outside the circle. 

Want to know when your teen driver gets to school? Set a Geo-Circle! You'll get an alert knowing they are safe and sound when they arrive. You can even set to get an alert when they drive outside of the Geo-Circle.

Geo-Circles can come in handy by keeping track of your mature parents too. Just set up a Geo-Circle around their home and you'll be alerted when they leave. That way you'll know where they are and if they get lost, you can help them easier. 

Are you using Bouncie for your business? Setting up Geo-Circles can help you track your fleet by receiving notifications when one of your drivers goes into and out of certain zones.

Ready to set up Geo-Circles? TAP HERE to get started!

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