Set up Geo-Zones to send a notification when a vehicle enters or leaves a zone.

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Creating geo-zones (also called geofences or geocircles) will provide you with notifications when vehicles enter and exit any zone you have set up. You will be alerted to know exactly when the vehicle arrives in the zone, and know exactly when the vehicle leaves the zone.

Creating a Geo-Zone

Select Notification Settings from the Options Menu [•••], then choose Geo-Zones.

  1. Tap on the Create Geo-Zone button.

  2. Enter a name and a location for the middle of the geo-zone.

  3. Schedule when you would like to receive notifications.

  4. Toggle the on/off switches for receiving notifications when the vehicle enters the geo-zone and leaves the geo-zone.

  5. When you're done, tap on Save in the top right corner.

Geo-Zones can be any shape or size!

The mobile app is optimized for creating circles, but you can create any shape by visiting us in a browser. Tap the button below to open Bouncie in your default browser.

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