As you drive, the Bouncie device continuously records data and securely transmits it to our servers. We send the data to the app and it displays trip statistics at the end of every driving event. If you are new to Bouncie, you will need to complete a few trips before data becomes available because the device needs time to "wake up". The data will appear in the app after a few start-stop engine cycles. 

If an alert is triggered by your set Geo-Circles or Curfew times, Bouncie will send a notification to you immediately. All other alerts and notifications appear in the app at the end of your trip.

If you are not seeing data updates in the app, tap HERE to see why this may be happening.

If you are still having trouble getting data, email us at [email protected] and include your email address, your vehicle's VIN number, and the IMEI number from your Bouncie device. We will make sure you device is properly linked to your vehicle. Here's where you will see the IMEI number of your Bouncie device:

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