If you've just installed Bouncie in your vehicle, it could take a few driving events before you can view data in the app. You may be wondering why.

There is a chip inside of Bouncie which works like a cell phone. This cell-chip is what picks up a cell tower signal as you drive. It uses that signal to relay information to our servers so that we can save your vehicle's data into your account.

The cell-chip card is essentially "asleep" when you install Bouncie into your OBD port. It needs power and movement in order for it to "wake up". Once a few driving events occur while Bouncie is plugged in, you should be seeing data in the app!

If you are still having trouble, email us at hi@bouncie.com and include your email address, your vehicle's VIN number, and the IMEI number from your Bouncie device. We will make sure you device is properly linked to your vehicle. Here's where you will see the IMEI number of your Bouncie device:

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