You can move the Bouncie device from one vehicle to another, but there are a few things you should know ahead of time.

Bouncie uses your vehicle's VIN to accurately relay data to our servers so we can then push that data into your app. Vehicles that are 2006 and newer will automatically tell Bouncie it's VIN. 

To easily switch Bouncie between vehicles, both vehicles need to be 2006 or newer. But what if your vehicle is older than 2006? There's a trick!

On vehicles older than 2006, the VIN is not reported through the OBD port, and our system is unable to determine which vehicle the driving data belongs to. The system assigns the data to the first vehicle setup in your account. 

When you make the switch, send us an email at; tell us the email address linked to your account and the VIN of the second vehicle. We will manually assign the VIN to your Bouncie!

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