Speed Bands are color coded indicators that will appear along the route of your trip that will tell you a range of how fast you were going during that section. You will set up the MPH range and what color is assigned to that range. 

Speed bands just help you visualize the speeds on any trip. What’s nice is if you change the Speed Bands you can look at any past trip and see the speeds based upon the adjusted settings.

For example, when your vehicle is traveling 30-40 MPH, that portion of the trip could be set to highlight in blue and 40-50 MPH could be set as red. 

Let's say you have a teenager and you are worried about their speed as they drive through residential neighborhoods or school zones. Speed Bands can show you how fast they were traveling through specific areas, making it easier to have a conversation about following the posted speed limits on specific routes.

Speed Bands are also useful to monitor the driving speeds any elderly drivers in your life. For example, you notice that they are routinely driving slower than the posted speed limit on a freeway. That could be an indication that the driver feels nervous or anxious in faster, heavier traffic.

Ready to set up Speed Bands? Tap HERE to learn how!

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