Our web-based application, myBouncie.com, is going to be getting some awesome updates soon! In the meantime, take a look at what you can do now and what's coming in the future. You can also send up some ideas of updates you would like to see!

What you can do!

  • View your vehicle in minute-by-minute updates
  • See all your vehicles on one map
  • The Trip Details give you insight into distance, time traveled, fuel details, and any set alerts that were triggered
  • Switch between Map and Satellite views to see exactly where your car was parked
  • You can view alerts that have been triggered by your vehicle
  • View engine health, battery status, and more
  • Add a vehicle

What you can do... soon!

  • Delete a vehicle
  • Share a vehicle
  • Set up maintenance reminders
  • Tag trips

Great ideas from our community:

  • Street address of trips
  • Exports
  • Reports
  • Statistics across multiple vehicles

Have an idea to share? Email us at myidea@bouncie.com

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