Know that the drivers in your family are safe by using Geo-Circles to notify you when they arrive at a destination or when they leave. You can receive Geo-Circle alerts anytime your vehicle goes outside of, or enters into a set range, like when your teen driver arrives at school or when she heads home from soccer practice.  You can create multiple Geo-Circles based on location, including your house, the high school, a parent's house, or even a work location. You can also set up a schedule for when you want a particular Geo-Circle to be active.

To create a Geo-Circle, navigate to Geo-Circles under Settings, tap the "+" icon, and the app will guide you from there!

NOTE: With Auto Tag, you can select a color in order to automatically tag a trip based upon entering or exiting a Geo-Circle. For example, if a drive to a client's office was a business deduction, then the arrival at that location could automatically tag the trip a certain color so you can better keep track of your business miles.

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